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Alright, guys, I have a task for you! For anyone that is interested, I would like for someone to make me a cover image for my soul eater story, Silence. It would be a huge help, and I would love to have a custom picture for it! Thank you to any who do!
So, I feel a bit behind, but I finally have a Twitter! XD if you guys want to follow me, it's KhajiitSicario, if you don't, well, that's your decision, i dont mind either way. I figued itd be more convenient for requests and such. If uou wanna follow me there, go ahead, if not, thats okay too.
I feel like a terrible human... My friends have gotten me sucked into Undertale. The amount of vines, comics, and songs are going to drive me crazy XD
Alright, Guys, I'm suuuuuper sorry for the hold-up, college had been really weird, so I've been working on trying to get the motivation for my stories, and still being able to do school work. I am spending a lot of my free time working on my stories, since its been way too long since I've updated. If all goes well, the quality will improve as well, so wish me luck, I hope to have at least one story updated by the end of the day :)
Not exactly sure where we were, it seems like a mixture of an old greenhouse and an abandoned factory. We were hiding out there because, of course, some one was trying to kill us. We had been there a while, and I was chilling by one of the window-like things when I saw a fox. I hadn't seen one in a while, so I saw super hyped and wanted to go see it outside, since it seemed super tame. I was told by someone that I couldn't go out, so I tried to sneak out by cutting a section of the plastic of the walls, but a pack of wolves, which had apparently been an issue for us for a while, tried to get through, so I had to block it off. At that moment, whoever it was trying to kill us decided that then was a good moment to try to ambush us from the front.

I was running through, trying to get away from the wolves, and saw my friends holding whoever they were off, so I ran outside, only to see the fox, who was not a happy fox. He started snarling and lunged at me, and I ran inside. He followed me in, and immediatey calmed down and started following me around everywhere. By that point, my friends had gotten rid of the intruders, but Wyatt told me I had to get out of sight of the windows, because they could easily snipe me. Upon looking through the windows, he realized I was okay for the moment, but still told me I should hide. I ran out and hid in the closet across from the basement, and called the fox in with me, then something happened, and I woke up.


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What Soul Eater Character Are You?
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What Exo member are you?
Luhan (Exo-M)

Luhan has a lot of aegyo and a lot of charm. Luhan shows happy personality on stage, but he's insecure and unhappy at some times, and very easy going. Luhan likes to wear simple clothes, and has many interest such as sports, art, animals and he can solve the rubik's cube.

Wow, guess these kinda sum me up, huh?

I am an american girl who loves anime. i try not to be rude, or very bias toward people, considering i have friends that are straight, bi, gay, and trans. I will stick up for my friends and those who are being bullied.
I have a bit of a fetish about the creepy and macabre, and i may creep out some of the people who visit my page (or look through my sketchbook). i do not mean to do so.
You won't see me in any Sports section, no matter if its in the yearbook or newspaper. i like it experiment with poses (explains a few pics.) and id rather draw the players than actually participate in almost any sport.
I am a huge fan of cosplaying, though i can never finish my costumes before something new is introduced to our group. i dont do just anime, i do photos and still life and things like that, and i do do requests if desired. Sadly, i may take forever posting my new work. PLease comment if there is anything you want me to try!

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